Mechanical works and assemblies

Speretta Meccanica produces single parts, complete assemblies and machines starting from a 2D drawing or 3D model. Speretta thereof produce components for plants, tools, and welded parts. Our experience on componentes for the steel, chemical and shipbuilding industry allow us to build custom projects based on client needs.

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Speretta } why choose Speretta

Speretta Meccanica provides you highly specialized workers in the mechanical industry from the drawing to the finished part.

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  • Giorgio Speretta

  • Speretta Meccanica Founder
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Projekte 2D oder 3D

Send us your 2D or 3d project: Speretta will realize your components starting from the CAD project.

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Mechanical production always customized: Entrust your project to our specialists at Speretta Meccanica

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3D Solid modeling

Deliver your digital project. Our CAD-CAM systems allows us to work directly in 3D.

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Production under control

Accurate control in every working step, thanks to the highly precision measuring tools quality is always assured.

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Mechanische Firma Speretta: } Geschichte


Azienda Meccanica

Mechanical Company

Speretta Meccanica was founded in 1989 by Giorgio Speretta, as a small workshop in Caorle mainly dealing with the maintenance of ships.

Later Speretta Meccanica decide to move in La Salute di Livenza, being able to use a bigger workshop. In 1996 having built a new factory allows to enhance proction capacity for mechincal works and assemblies.

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Mehr } Metallmechanik

Metalworking Industry

Discover all the categories involved in the Metalworking processes, all the type of machining.

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Metalworks Events and Fairs

Discover all the events, the fairs and exihibitions around the metalworks and mechanica industry.

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